Over 75,000 cylinders examined till August

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has clarified that the number of gas cylinders that were re-examined at the examining stations between January and August this year has reached 75,906. After careful scrutiny, 64,269 cylinders were returned to be used, while 11,637 cylinders were removed as they were found not fit for safe use. The sizes of these cylinders are two types, 48 litres and 108 litres.
The Directorate General for Standards and Metrology pointed out that these cylinders were delivered to the service centres that have the required authorisations from the authorities to test, maintain, and enhance the gas cylinders according to the Omani standard No (201 / 2014) that is concerned with gas cylinders, the requirements of refilling, transporting, selling, and storing the gas cylinders.
The ministry assured that the cylinders were physically examined to determine that the cylinders were free of rust, damages of the base or likelihood of leakage.
The cylinders were also subjected to hydraulic tests to guarantee the safety of the consumer. The officials at the ministry said gas cylinders must be examined after 15 years from manufacture, and that the next examination should be conducted after every 10 years after the first examination.
The Ministry clarified that upon receiving the cylinders, they are segregated into two. Cylinders that are fit for refilling the screen of which is readable, the empty weight is determined and the cylinder is subject to examination and they are free of any leakage. Another set of cylinders are in need of further analysis as their empty weight is not displayed, and the these are not in ship shape for various reasons such as being rusty or leaking.