Over 197,000 Omanis registered with pension funds

Muscat: The total number of Omanis registered in the public sector pension funds, including civil service, the Diwan of Royal Court, and the Central Bank Oman (CBO), until the end of September 2020 is 197,489.

The latest statistics by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) said the number of Omani males registered in the public sector pension funds amounted to 114,553, while the number of females reached 82,936.

Regarding the wages, 59,205 Omanis receive between RO 1,000 and 2,000, constituting the largest segment of Omanis working in the public sector.

The number of Omanis earning RO 700 and less than RO 800 reached 37,816 citizens, while the number of those earning between RO 800 and less than RO 900 reached 30,276 thousand citizens.

Omanis who receive salaries between RO 600 to less than RO 700 reached 19,935 thousand, those between RO 325 and less than RO400 reached 18,720 thousand citizens, and the number of those earning between RO500 to less than RO600 reached 16,735 thousand citizens.

The number of Omanis earning more than RO2,000 stood at 4056 citizens.

According to the age groups, the largest number of those registered in the public pension funds remain in the age group between 35 and 39 years, with 54,88, followed by those between 30 and 34 years, with 43,418 citizens, while those aged between 40 and 44 years reached 40,815.