Over 1,120 beneficiaries of Zakat e-payment

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs launched the e-system for zakat. The company has built the system as per the requirement of the digital transformation which aims at facilitating services for beneficiaries and investing in modern technology in simplifying procedures. The system can be used in paying zakat, which is the third pillar of Islam. The number of users of the e-payment service is above 1,120.
Sultan bin Said al Hinai, General Supervisor of the Zakat e-system, said the system is based on the technical analysis of the needs of beneficiaries of this programme. The system allows the different services for the management of zakat affairs according to an integrated quadric system namely the zakat payer, an individual or an institution, the beneficiaries of zakat, an individual or a family, the local committees for zakat and finally the Islamic banks which contribute to facilitating zakat services.
He added that the system allows a number of services for zakat payers and benevolent as it allows them to calculate the zakat using the smart calculator of the system. It also enables the payer to pay his zakat electronically through the system in a reliable manner. It ensures that the zakat goes to the general account for zakat in the Sultanate or in a certain wilayat or to a certain individual who is eligible to receive zakat. It also allows payment of general or current alms or the kaffarat or zakat al Fitr. — ONA