Oud hobbyist Association holds training workshop

The Oud Hobbyist Association continues the tenth training workshop in using oud instrument for its new members. The workshop that kicked off a week ago, will continue for three months. The association holds this training workshop at the beginning of each and every year. A celebration will be held at the end of the workshop, presented by the new members to summarize what they learned through the past months. Around 50 participants who are divided into two groups are participating in this workshop, supervised by Dr Muddather Abu al Wafa and Khlaid al Tuwaijri.

The workshop focuses on the practical and the theoretical sides where participants are introduced to the Oud as an oriental instrument that holds a significant place and importance among other instruments. They were also introduced to the different musical schools in addition to the basic courses required for music studies. It was necessary for participants to learn the different parts of Oud and the musical notes. The practical side included the application of the necessary skills when playing Oud, the exercises that help strengthening the fingers, and the safe and proper methods used to play this instrument.

Interviews were conducted before holding this workshop to choose and accept the members. These procedures are annually followed by a special committee that includes a number of professors specializing at Oud instrument. The committee has set special conditions for the admission of the enrollee to measure their readiness and preference to learn music in general and Oud in particular.