OSFA holds third digital exhibit

The Omani Society for Fine Arts OSFA opens the third Digital art exhibition yesterday (Monday November 5th, 2018) under the patronage of Dr. Khalid al Saidi, Secretary-General of the State Council at the headquarters of OSFA in al Sarooj.

The exhibition is the result of the annual competition run by the society in the field of digital arts. With more than 60 artworks, OSFA considers this emerging art a window to reveal more of the creativity of Omani youth.
Through its annual exhibitions, OSFA aims to create fertile intellectual spaces that include various contemporary artistic experiences. Omani artists get the chance to highlight their abilities in line with the global artistic movement in various artistic fields, including cultural heritage.
The artworks of the exhibition include posters, digital painting, animation, Digital Calligraphy & Typography. The main aim is to employ the intellectual and material Islamic and Omani legacy to display the Omani identity.