Original certificates a must when joining work

MUSCAT, Dec 4 – In an effort to stamp out malpractices in the job market, the Ministry of Manpower has reiterated the need to produce original certificates at the time of joining work. “The original certificates of qualifications approved by competent authorities are mandatory. They need to be produced in order to continue in jobs,” said an announcement by the ministry. This applies to both Omani and expatriate job applicants in both public and private sectors.
An official at the ministry told the Observer that the reminder had been issued as a large number of people were found to have fake certificates, ostensibly acquired from abroad.
“The certificates should also be attested by competent authorities in Oman. The original certificates should be produced at the time of joining work,” he clarified.
According to him, this was required for a scrutiny of copies of certificates submitted along with the application.
He said the ministry, in coordination with other authorities, will step up inspections to trace violations, if any, by both applicants and recruiting agencies.
“Penal action, including fines and jail terms, can be imposed on violators,” he said.
According to the ministry, professionals applying for specialised categories in medical, engineering, academic and other jobs have to get their qualification certificates equalised and attested by competent authorities.
“It is essential that all academic certificates are verified both before and after joining work. If any discrepancy or difference is detected, the employer should report the matter to the authorities concerned,” the official said.