Oral health campaign kickstarted

While awareness on the importance of maintaining oral hygiene is lacking, a group of doctors and senior students kick-started a campaign on oral health care recently. Students of Oman Dental College, staff and faculty were helpful in creating an awareness on oral healthcare recently.
The college team attended almost 200 participants and provided consultation and information on dental and oral healthcare and explained the importance of maintaining oral healthcare in the overall wellbeing and health of an individual.
“Such oral health awareness camps are of immense value to the population in order to reduce dental and oral health issues and as a College we are happy to provide this community service”, Dr PS Viswapurna, Senior Lecturer at ODC said.
“The active participation by a number of senior students and
staff addresses an important part of the College’s vision which is to nurture skilled and caring dental professionals who value lifelong learning and
fulfil patient expectations and community orientated events such as this help us in achieving our vision”, the College Dean Dr Rahul Arora added.