OPPO and Ericsson strengthen 5G collaboration

OPPO recently announced the launch of a 5G joint laboratory with Ericsson, a leading information and communication technology provider, which will serve to deepen the two companies’ collaboration in the area of 5G. Through the new lab, OPPO and Ericsson will also promote global collaboration, share with each other cutting-edge 5G technologies and help optimise 5G products and network performance to accelerate the large-scale deployment of 5G globally.
Michael Tran, Managing Director OPPO Australia, said: “This joint 5G lab is another step in OPPO’s commitment to developing and realising the potential of 5G technology. As a leading adopter and innovator of 5G, we understand the importance of collaboration to harness the full capabilities of the new technology and explore the possibilities available in the 5G era.”
“By working in partnership with an industry leader such as Ericsson, we have created a platform from which we can conceive, optimise and implement best in class standards of 5G functionality in Australia and beyond. It is our hope, through OPPO’s experience in new product and technology development along with Ericsson’s cutting-edge infrastructure, customers across Australia will soon have access to the highest quality 5G products and experiences.”
Tran added: “From multi-party 5G video calls and 3D video calls to faster movie streaming; AR, VR, and everywhere in between, we are determined to bring the seamless speeds and connectivity of 5G to Australian smartphones as we continue to innovate and deliver new experiences for our customers.”
“This partnership is of highly strategic importance for both Ericsson and OPPO. It will contribute to the diversity of the 5G ecosystem and benefit from the agility of both companies to bring new use cases and customer value to the market,” said Luca Orsini, Vice-President and Head of Networks for Market Area North East Asia at Ericsson.