An open day for students to showcase communication skills

SALALAH, NOV 25 – A combo of activities, games and stalls of various majors were on display at the Salalah College of Applied Sciences as its Mass Communication Department celebrated its open day with the involvement of academic, non-academic staff and students.
The open day was intended to attract the foundation and first-year students towards developing communication skills and attracting them for various majors like Digital Media, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising. At the same time various stalls put up during the open day showcased the students’ works, which were more of an inspiration for the newcomers.
Dr Zubeir Izaraku Dafalla, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, inaugurated the event and stressed the importance of communication and its effectiveness when done correctly. While encouraging students for participation, he said that the students should use these opportunities for learning things in interesting ways. He appreciated the department’s efforts and the team spirit which had led to an activity full of applied learning skills.
Dr Vandana Jyotirmayee, HoD Mass Communication, said the activities provided the instructors a wonderful opportunity to know the students as individuals, their strengths and capabilities and more over their skills of coordination to leadership.
“It was amazing to see the quietest student in the class taking initiatives and asserting on various given situations. The activities brought out the creative aspects of students and they were also able to understand what all different strengths they possessed… The activities gave us the opportunity to make students understand how to apply certain aspects in a practical way which they have studied in their courses and therein lies the vision of an applied sciences institution,” she said.
Apart from the academic aspect, there was a lot of fun which the game zone offered and the students were able to break the monotony of daily routine of attending classes and going back home. The faculty members from various other departments participated actively and felt that it was such a stress buster to have an open day like that.
The Studio and Selfie Station, created by the communication students, provided an Omani setting with dates and Kahwa, along traditional Omani clothes, National Day flags and caps etc, which people would wear and get themselves clicked by the students.
The Journalism and PR stalls had students’ articles showcased, which had already appeared in Arabic and English newspapers. The PR students have organised a campaign on Child Abuse by visiting some selected schools and creating awareness in this regard, had their leaflets and brochures displayed as well.
The Digital Media students had a lot of games for the audience and they also tried to inform people about the techniques used in editing which could show the most impossible things happening in the movies, just by the use of certain software.
The advertising stall had the soft box arranged beautifully with various products and they were providing chances to the audience to click photos and see how the products looked in photographs by the appropriate use of lighting and arrangement of things.
The students had arranged for various games which forced students and teachers to keep trying as there were many small and big gifts were there, luring the audience to play again and again. Asma Abdulmunim al Rawas said, “I had never thought that I would be enjoying so much while participating in such activities. I am waiting eagerly for the next event to come.”
Rahma responded thoughtfully and said, “I am now aware of utilising my contacts for such occasions, which I was unaware of earlier. It gave me so much of satisfaction when I found the event a huge success amongst students. I have many new ideas to be applied for the next time.”
Manal was thankful to the teachers for making her assertive and obedient at the same time. “I am very obedient during my classes. By taking part in such events we learn that being good in academics is not enough. It is always advisable to apply our knowledge, which we learn by taking part in activities,” she said.

Kaushalendra Singh