One held for selling firecrackers

MUSCAT, JUNE 3 – A citizen has been arrested with charges of possessing and selling firecrackers in North al Batinah. In an online statement, the Royal Oman Polices said that contraband firecrackers of various types have been seized from his possession. “Legal proceedings have been initiated against the accused who was arrested by the Suwaiq police led by the Northern Batinah police”, the statement said.

The authorities have already issued a warning note to the general public against revelers who fire traditional weapons or burst firecrackers during celebrations. According to the ROP, offenders caught with firecrackers or explosives of any kind in their possession are liable to be jailed for up to three years with fines of up to RO 3,000. Firecrackers are a banned commodity in Oman, but during festivals, they are smuggled in from across the border. Police have warned similar action against those found to have smuggled or traded in explosives of any kind.

Last week, the authorities strict monitoring at customs outlets to prevent any attempt to smuggle firecrackers into the country. The ROP also cautioned against celebratory fire involving the use of traditional arms, warning that such incidents inadvertently cause serious injuries to others around. The ROP has called on the public not to circulate and use firecrackers because of their negative effects on public safety.