On Canvas: The Beauty of the Sultanate of Oman

Many philosophers, especially those studying nature believe that artists and nature are similar — nature provides us with everything we need to live on this planet along with an endless source of aesthetically pleasing visuals, similar to the works of artists, who capture our attention through their masterpieces.
Nature not only inspires artists to create work that emulates the beauty of nature but gives the audience a different glimpse, an “artist’s eye” perspective on nature. This can be seen at the 100 artworks presented at the “ Draw The Beauty of Oman” exhibition at the Omani Society of Fine Arts (OSFA).

Located in the Wadi Hibbi area at Suhar, the group of artists decided to set up their tools and canvases at the Hibbi Castle, using their surroundings to inspire their new creation.
Ruqaya al Buloshi, one of the organisers of the trip and the exhibition said. “Other than being a popular tourist destination, the Hibbi Castle has some of the most wonderful visual elements and unique beauty that gave us the idea to set up our fourth annual trip at this amazing location. We called it ‘Drawing the beauty of Oman.’”
The castles strategic location and high altitude also gives the castle an elevation that multiplies its beauty, from a distance the visitors can see the still standing castle that once ruled this region. Around the castle, one can still see the ruins of an ancient city that once bustled under the watch of this central structure. Now surrounded by vast areas of lush greenery and farmlands, this created the perfect combination for the artists to gain inspiration to create their very own representation of the Sultanate’s beauty and identity.

Another person responsible behind the organisation of this event was Khadija al Maamari who shared that since their first trip in May 2016, the number or artists participating in these annual trips has increased many-fold. She believes that over time, participants grew not only because of their shared hobby but with a chance to better understand and experience the root of Oman but also share their experiences with each other, learning and building their skills as a group.
Both ages and nationalities of the participating artists were diverse, with the age range between 15 to 45 and a variety of nationalities including Indians, Egyptians, Algerian, Lebanese and Omani. The exhibition is currently open and will be until Thursday, January 17 from 8 am to 10 pm at the Oman Society of Fine Arts, Suhar.

Titash Chakraborty & Ruqaya Al Kindi