OMPC employs break-through technology for Samayil wastewater plant

Oman Munitions Production Company (OMPC) has taken the lead in installing an advanced wastewater recovery plant at its Small Arms & Ammunitions Factory (SAAF) in Samayil – the first such plant ever installed in the Middle East and North Africa region that makes use of the patented break-through FPSTAR (Fine Particles Shortwave Thrombotic Agglomeration Reaction) technology.
Dr Ibrahim al Balushi, General Manager of OMPC, has been instrumental in bringing the technology to Oman to address complex wastewater recovery requirements, thereby adding value to the operational cost-reduction policy of the company.
The Effluent Treatment Plant (wastewater recovery plant) can treat up to 80,000 litres of industrial wastewater per day and can be easily upgraded to another 80,000 litres per day by adding one more reactor.
Implementation of this ETP Project was awarded by OMPC to Global Engineering Solutions, Oman, a total environment solutions provider, headed by Juma Mohsin Juma al Lawati, Chairman, and Venugopal D, Chief Executive Officer. Both professionals have been active in the water and wastewater treatment sector in Oman for over a decade and are business associates of Scalene Energy Water Corporation Ltd, which manufactures the core systems of FPSTAR based wastewater recovery plants.
This break-through technology, invented by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar –Head of Scalene Energy Research Institute in India, who has about 32 original inventions to his credit and who is a well-known pioneering researcher in the field of Biophysics, Radiobiology, Nanotechnology, Sustainable Energy, Modern Telecommunications and Water resources management and Recovery.
Industrial effluents which are not biologically degradable in nature are normally treated using large quantities of chemicals. Such methods involve very high operational cost. Some such effluents cannot be treated to the required standards even with chemicals and advanced filtration solutions as a post-treatment method, thereby making re-use of such effluents in the process not possible and sometimes even safe disposal being not possible.
The FPSTAR Technology addresses such issues effectively. In most parts of the world, the effluents generated from such ammunition factories are not treated to recyclable standards due to lack of proper treatment solutions. This gap is now being filled by FPSTAR.