Omantel launches automated self-service ICT cloud services portal

MUSCAT, SEPT 17 – Omantel has announced that it is launching an automated self-service cloud platform along with its cloud services subsidiary — Oman Data Park (ODP) — for customers to purchase virtual infrastructure and applications as well as automatically configure them.
Cloud-based applications translate into zero-install and always-accessible services. This means that companies of various sizes can make use of the technology without having to procure, install or maintain complex software on expensive and risk-prone IT infrastructure. Equally important is the fact that cloud based software is economically favourable because it is based on monthly payment business models rather than costly upfront investments and requires very little human intervention to maintain, hence allowing businesses to get more productivity out of their existing resources.
This offering is a step ahead of the current-generation of static services such as Web Hosting, Domain Hosting and Email Hosting already offered by Omantel. The existing services required clients to contact their account representative to get details and sign up weeks before they needed to use the provisioned services. The next-generation set of services are now offered through the newly launched cloud portal and are self-provisioned by the client.
Fadi Nasser, General Manager of ICT at Omantel said “The cloud portal undertaking is a testament to Omantel’s confidence in the digital future of Oman.
Putting together leading technology offerings to be hosted in our leading data centres within the sultanate ensures that all data exchanges are retained within our borders and encourages local businesses to embrace cloud computing sooner. Such turnkey cost-saving technology improves business productivity and makes for a great enabler to small and large companies alike.”
Since clients can now have their service automatically configured upon purchase, the time required to deploy and use the service is drastically reduced from weeks to mere days or even hours now. Services can also be dynamically customised to suit the specific needs of customers. By hosting services, customers will save on Capex and Opex costs.