Oman’s LTE speed fastest in the Arab world

Oman is ranked first in terms of 4G LTE speeds in the Arab world and 30th worldwide, according to a recent report from Open Signal, a leading source of insight into the coverage and performance of mobile operators worldwide. Oman outranked several advanced countries such as US, France, UK, Germany and Sweden in addition to all GCC and Arab countries.
The report from Open Signal gathered data from more than 50 billion measurements collected from over 3.8 million device users worldwide. The data was used to compare 77 countries in terms of their 4G capabilities. Oman’s speed is 24.68 Mbps compared to the average download speed worldwide of 16.6 Mbps.
According to Said al Ajmi, Vice President Operations Unit at Omantel: “We are thrilled that our country has not just ranked the best in the region but has also performed well on a global scale. At Omantel, our goal remains to drive the digital transformation of the Sultanate by enhancing Internet speeds and providing superior connectivity to the people. The improvement in ranking from last year is testament to our committed and continued efforts towards this goal.”
Omantel became the first provider in the Sultanate to introduce 4G LTE in 2012. In under four years, the number of network stations grew significantly, reaching 92.3 per cent of the populated areas supported by major investments in network expansion.