Flagship Mazoon Dairy brand hits markets today

Mazoon Dairy, the first of an array of government-backed investments in support of the nation’s food security goals, rolls out its brand of ‘Made in Oman’ dairy products today, targeting markets in Muscat and Sohar before distribution is progressively ramped up to cover the entire Sultanate.
Mazoon Dairy CEO Dr Arjun Subramanian (pictured) said the launch represents an historic day for Oman’s blossoming food industry, as well as for the government’s goal of supporting a self-sufficient economy.
“This is a milestone event in Mazoon’s history and in the history of Oman,” said Dr Subramanian. “As the flagship dairy company of the Sultanate, our goal is to fulfill the national goal for economic development by establishing a self-sufficient economy. Today, we are a step closer to fulfilling this vision. With the launch of Mazoon, the people of Oman will have access to milk and dairy products, which will significantly contribute to reducing imports. This will ensure long term food security and create employment and development opportunities for Omanis in the private sector.”
Speaking to the Observer ahead of the launch, Dr Subramanian said Mazoon Dairy will initially start with the distribution of fresh milk to key cities in the Sultanate. “We will roll out distribution of fresh milk across Muscat and Sohar on Sunday, October 20. This represents the largest population demographic in the Sultanate. This will be followed by a roll-out across other cities like Ibri, Dhofar and so on. Our goal is to ensure full coverage across Oman in the next six months.”
Significantly, the launch of Mazoon Dairy comes two years to the month since Mazoon Dairy laid the foundation stone of its estimated RO 100 million venture at a greenfield location in Al Sunainah in Buraimi Governorate.
The integrated dairy project – billed as the most modern in the Gulf region – includes a dairy farm with a herd of more than 4,500 cattle, desalination plant, sewage and biogas plant, and state-of-the-art processing plant.
“This is a first-of-its kind dairy project in the region in terms of the size and scale, so it is indeed a remarkable feat that we have achieved,” said the CEO. “We have been able to commence operations in such a short span of time. Once again, this shows how committed we are to the Omani market and to the people of Oman. It has been a joint effort by various parties involved in the project – from the stakeholders to the management and the staff – all of who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we meet our go-to-market targets.”
Output of fresh milk production is targeted at 600,000 litres per day during the first year of operations, according to Dr Subramanian. “We also plan to increase the size of the cow herd organically at the farm, and the factory has been built to accommodate new calves. It is important to plan for the right capacity, and we have planned to go up to 1 million litres per day of milk in the future.”
Laban and yoghurt will be added to the product range in the coming months, he pointed out. “We are looking at a staggered release of our full range of dairy products in the market, including fresh milk (flavoured), fresh cream, desserts, fresh cheese, labneh and ice cream. Mazoon is working towards launching all processed dairy products in the next four months,” he added.