Oman’s first tiger cubs complete a week

MUSCAT: The first cubs born to a tiger couple in the country have completed a week since they were born on June 17 at the Al Namani Park in Barka.

Both Shathoo and Kapooth, as the twin sisters are called, are healthy, hungry, pampered and weigh approximately a kilogram, making the owner of the only zoo in the country happy.

“It was a great news to the zoo and me personally that twin sisters were born for the first time in the country,” Ahmed al Balushi, owner of the Namani Park, said.

Usually, the tiger cubs are born blind and are completely dependant on their mother. Their eyes are said to open sometime between six to twelve days. Ahmed said cubs do not have their full vision for a couple of weeks.

Ahmed, who has an unswerving passion for animals and birds from childhood, spent money from his savings and his pocket money, bought animals to make his idea of setting up a zoo a reality some 11 years ago.

“It was a donkey that I bought first followed by a small farm and was keeping animals there,” Ahmed remembered.

As days passed this farm was becoming famous and people around it started visiting it to see the animals day by day. Later on, he transformed it into a park for animals and converted it into a family entertainment park – a zoo with a number of facilities for games, restaurants and swimming pool.

“We are getting a large number of people to see the cubs but we are discouraging them because these small babies have not opened their eyes yet,” Ahmed adds.