Oman’s cyber security ranks one of the best in region 

Muscat: Oman’s cybersecurity ranks one of the best in the region with a number of advantages against some other countries and is on the right path, says Almendo Graziano, Cyber Expert from Cyprus.

Speaking to the Observer on the sidelines of the 3-day National Cybersecurity Drill organised by the Information Technology Authority (ITA), represented by the OCERT, at the Kempinski Hotel since Almerindo Graziano, who presented a paper based on empirical studies said that Oman is playing a big role in the regional cybersecurity space.

“Oman is playing a leading role, as the country is home to the Arab regional cyber securty center which is center of excellence for cyber security for all Arab countries but also in organising events like national drills in order to create awareness and building cyber capacities”, he said in the presence of the top IT and cyber security specialists who are gathered at the event.

“What the government of Oman is doing is in the right direction and it’s a great leap towards building cyber capabilities”, adds he.

CEO of Silensec based in Cyprus, a multinational consultancy training company dealing in cyber information and security operating in many continents is in town to be a part of the national drill initiative.

“In order to keep cyber threats at bay, we need to join forces across all sectors to prepare to react and we have developed a number of scenarios of attacks at the national drill. All the participants are exposed to these scenarios and stimulations and they need to act as if it was reality. For this, we have developed cyber range that help organisations to be cyber resilient”, he said.

He added that for a country to build and develop cyber capabilities and to increase the workforce that deals with cyber security and digital transformation, there must be an adoption of technology and change in the way things are done.

“We are transitioning in terms of training and capacity building which has been done in the traditional way of training. They will be done using technologies that enable large scale delivery of training and if the country embraces this technology, then it will be able to fast track the national progression in capacity building”, he opined.

He concluded that we are heading in the right direction but however, it requires the efforts of the whole industry as well as participation from other stakeholders. Leadership is important but it is also important to follow the leadership which is the missing link in many countries.