Oman’s chess team to participate in Sharjah IM tourney

Oman national chess team will take part in second edition of Al Sharjah International Master chess tournament to be held in Sharjah in the UAE on April 11 to 20.
This tournament is ranked as one of the top competitions. Professional and some best players from different parts of world will attend the tournament. As many as 118 players have already registered for the tournament. Seventy-nine players among them have won international awards in different tournaments.
Sharjah International Master chess tournament will play in the Swiss system which consist nine rounds and that to be done within 90 minutes and adding 30 seconds for every move.
Oman national chess team consists Salim Essa, Salim al Amri and Mohammed al Amri along with Yemeni coach Basheer al Qudaimi.