Omanis sharpen selling skills at Saud Bahwan Group’s facilities

MUSCAT: Recently at a special event, outstanding Omanis were felicitated on the successful completion of the Toyota Sales Training — CHAMP 2018. This event was held at Saud Bahwan Group’s world-class training facility — Advanced Learning Centre (ALC) rated ‘Amongst the Best in the World’ by Institute of Motor Industry, UK.
According to a spokesperson from Saud Bahwan Group, “It is a delightful moment for all of us to witness the interest these Omanis have in developing their talent and skills. We congratulate them for their success and wish them all the best for their future endeavours at Saud Bahwan Group. We are sure that through their hard work and dedication, they will make impressive contributions to the overall growth of the organisation.”
Speaking about what sets apart such initiatives he said, “It is vital that the participants are imparted with the finest quality training. That includes having fully-equipped world-class facilities too, as that is what assists in the overall learning process.
At Saud Bahwan Group, the Advanced Learning Centre offers a variety of programmes to provide continuous training to our National staff in the areas of product knowledge, selling skills, attitude and behavior, self-management and more, with the objective of enhancing their careers.”
At Saud Bahwan Group, Omanisation has always remained a priority. Well-planned initiatives have encouraged talented Omanis to hone their skills and excel in their respective fields. Such initiatives have also given them many opportunities to increase their knowledge in broader areas of operations, further shaping and strengthening them to take on diverse roles successfully.
The CHAMP 2018 training was a result of successfully catering to the dynamic field of sales. The objective of CHAMP 2018 was to ensure that every staff learns and contributes to learning of other peers. Each of them was encouraged to take up role plays that helped them to identify the areas of improvement.
The competition was structured in such a way that it covered all touch points of Customers like — knowing customers better, understanding customers’ needs, demonstration of product, explanation of Financial requirements, statutory requirements and more.