Omanis harvest awards in international photo tilt

Omani photographers win big at the recently concluded 5th NEW BI-Continental Photo Circuit 2019 organised by Greece Photography Club and the Emirates Photographers Association under the auspices of the International Federation of Photography Art (FIAP), the World Federation of Photographers and the American Society of Photography.
With around 323 photographers from all over the world submitting a whooping 4216 photo entries, participants competed in four different categories: coloured photos, black and white, nature and travel.
Overall, the Omani contingent took home two gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals and an array of honourary awards.
In the coloured photos category, Mahmoud al Jabri won the Golden medal for his photo “Blue Colours” while photographers Ali al Hakamani with his entry, “Reading”, Mohammed al Julandi with his entry “Contemplation”, Khalid al Ghilani for his entry “Desert” and Mohammed al Shaafori for his entry “Magnanimity” became honourary awardees.
In the black and white category, Sultan al Mujali for “A Student”, Juma al Jaafri for “Desert Flower”, Mahmoud al Jabri for “Taj Mahal”, Salim al Rashdi for “Keshmere Girl” and Mohammed al Julandani for “Musician” won honourary awards.
In the nature category, Sammer al Busaidi won the Bronze medal for “Clay Cracks”, while Turki al Junabi, Mohammed al Julandi and Ali al Hakmani won honourary awards.
In the Travel category, Mahmoud al Jabri won the gold medal for “Hold My Hand” and the bronze medal for “Reading”.
Juam al Jaafri won the silver medal for “Take good care of yourself” and honourary award in the same theme. Salem al Rashdi was awarded a silver medal on his entry “The eye of joy” and another honourary award.
Juma al Jaafri, Mohammed al Julandi, Turki al Junaibi and Mahmoud al Jabri won honourary awards.
This achievement comes after other major successes achieved by Omani photographers in different international photography competitions. The wins also demonstrate the diversity and creativity of Omani photographers which have increased several folds in recent years.