Omani’s bio-diesel work making waves

An Omani student’s bio-diesel project is drawing good response from researchers, environmentalists and even international agencies working in the fields of energy research and environment. Said bin Salim al Harizi, a chemical engineering graduate from Salalah College of Technology (SCT), got into the project when he was in college and looking now for sponsors to develop the project in a better way. He graduated last year from the college. Talking to the Observer, Al Harizi sounded very optimistic and thanked the SCT management and his mentor teachers for helping him in conceiving the project and coming to a state where the concept is getting due recognition.

Through his bio-diesel project, Al Harizi has worked successfully on algae, which produces bio-diesel, which is one of the most important sources of renewable energy, unlike oil, coal, fossil fuel and nuclear fuel. The benefits of this bio-diesel product, according to him, are many. “Being hugely environment friendly, the bio-diesel developed by me has capacity to reduce greenhouse gases by up to 85 per cent and a very good source of alternative energy.” “Commercially it is not as volatile as fossil fuel, easy for the exporters due to it being not that flammable,” he said.

Its other benefits lie in its utility in factories, cars and aircraft, and easy production method unlike fossil fuel. Commenting on the achievements so far, Al Harizi counted many conferences, seminars and research events in which he took part and received wide appreciation. He extended his gratitude to Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al Busaidy, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, for extending support and letting others know that my project has huge scope. “My project stood outstanding among the list of other outstanding projects in the Project Cultural Week; in 2015 Qatar University invited members of the project to exchange ideas and experiences. It was first of its kind initiative from Qatar University to invite students from different countries and showcase projects.”
Al Harizi visited Britain for discussion on chemical properties in 2015.
In 2017 he was invited to participate in a workshop in which only 15 selected projects worldwide were showcased in the United States of America, while he got an opportunity to discuss the ways of developing the project with Argan businessmen in Turkey.
In Oman his project got support from Dhofar Power, Salalah Port and Omani Oil.
The General Directorate of Environment and Climate Affairs and the National Youth Committee provided logistics support and the project got selected for participation in Youth Initiatives event.
Al Harizi is preparing for workshops and factory visits in the Netherlands and looking for a dedicated laboratory to go further into the project.
He is also looking for adoption of the project from government and private bodies.

Kaushalendra Singh