Omanis at the forefront at airport

With the newly opened Muscat International Airport, Oman today is spoken of highly in countries around the world. It stands as one of the key year-round tourist destinations.
This tourism and logistics milestone marks a remarkable facelift for Oman. It will help attract more tourists as well as foreign investments to the country.
Oman has been witnessing changes and development each day through a revamp in different spheres of life. Undoubtedly, this has improved the living standards of Omanis and is a continuation of the Omani Blessed Renaissance which began 48 years ago.
Endorsed by His Majesty’s wise vision, the changes and developments have made the Sultanate compete with other parts of the world. It has opened its doors to a brighter future. The country responded to the ongoing changes in the world.
Thanks to the government led by the wise leader and benevolent father, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
The new Muscat International Airport is a source of pride for all Omanis indeed. It’s a complete shift from the old building, with a new look and design. With more facilities and services, it is supposed to be one of the finest and biggest airports in the region, if not in the world. This milestone is a real pride for all.
As a common observation at the airport, there are not many Omanis in the ‘customer-facing’ jobs.
For instance, why shouldn’t Omanis do the check-in procedures for all passengers in all airlines — the way it is in other countries? Why shouldn’t all airlines request to have Omanis working at the front desks, where passengers queue up to check in to their flights?
Also, Omani youth should be given priority when hiring for all the duty free zones, including shopping and dining outlets. This will give a good impression of Omanis and locals being employed and serving in all business and delivering various services.
Unfortunately, we have seen only a few Omanis serving in different outlets in comparison to the number of expatriates, while that should not be the case.
However, the percentage of Omanisation should be high in such important locations, where visitors to the Sultanate are first welcomed in the country. In fact, this airport marks another platform where Omanis can contribute to represent their nation.
On the other hand, as the airport is the gateway to the country, it’s really pleasing to see the Royal Oman Police (ROP) officers welcoming passengers, be it those visiting the country or those returning home and wishing them a safe return.
The way they are bidding farewell to passengers at immigration counters is really friendly. It shows how kindhearted Omanis are. Salute to all the ROP personnel working at the airport.
Parallel to the rapid changes and developments in Oman, Omanis should be given priority to prove their competence. They must be given a chance to shoulder the responsibility of building the nation.
In one way or the other, they can help promote Oman to the visitors and tourists. Most importantly, more opportunities should be created for job-seekers and new graduates.
Omanis have always been known as hardworking and outstanding people. The hard times they have come across prior to the Blessed Renaissance were rewarding experiences.
For that reason, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos expressed his total confidence in his countrymen and women since his early days of ascension to the throne.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami