Omani youths get more land for farm projects

MUSCAT, Jan 20 – A number of plots have been allocated to Omani youths in different wilayats to start integrated farm projects. According to Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, the youths will also be given logistics, technical and marketing support.
“These initiatives stem from the ministry’s efforts to help young Omanis start new projects which will have the potential to generate revenues and create job opportunities,” he said in an interview.
“The ministry is focusing on attracting Omani youths to incubators and providing them with intensive training programmes,” he said.
The minister said the agricultural and fisheries sectors in the Sultanate had achieved high levels of growth despite the oil price decline in the last few years. Dr Al Sajwani said the ministry has many initiatives that come within the framework of partnership between public and private sectors.
It seeks to ensure maximum use of both agricultural and maritime resources by developing value chains, enhancing food security, creating jobs and improving the competitiveness of Omani products in markets. The Food Investment Holding Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the government, in association with different agencies within and outside the Sultanate, conducted a series of studies to explore possibilities for attracting foreign investments in agriculture and fisheries sectors. “The focus of the study was mainly on what more should be done to make the sector conducive for foreign investments. A number of investors have come forward with investment proposals,” he said. Most of these projects have a government share of 20 per cent and 80 per cent respectively. “This is an indication of investor confidence in the country and the positive returns the projects offer them,” he said.