Most Omani workers earn RO 325 in private sector

Muscat, Dec 30 – More than half (130,292) of the 238,400 Omanis working in the private sector get monthly wages in the range of RO 325 and RO 400, says the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). The report says 76,627 Omanis work in the RO 325-400 category, of which 30,075 are women. The minimum wage set for Omanis in the private sector is RO 325. According to NCSI, 54.6 per cent of Omanis registered with the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) were having insured monthly wages range of RO 325 to less than RO 500 by the end of November 2017.
The other dominant category comprises those in the salary range of RO 400 and RO 500. It consists of 53,665 Omanis, including 9,135 women.
In the third dominant category, 20,095 Omanis receive salaries between RO 600 and RO700, of which 4,799 are females.
Citizens earning monthly wages under RO 600 are eligible for the national subsidy for fuel which was announced recently.
The number of Omanis getting salaries above RO 1,000 and less than RO 2,000 per month is 26,206 (5,303 women), while 10,928 (1,299 women) get over RO 2,000 per month.
A total of 7,258 Omanis (1,642 women) are in the wage bracket RO 900 to RO 1,000.
A total of 54,782 Omanis are employed in the clerical jobs, followed by 54,441 in the principal and auxiliary engineering occupations.
All citizens get free public healthcare, which will be extended to private hospitals and clinics under the mandatory health insurance from January 1.
According to, the world’s largest database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, the cost of living in Oman is 32.33 per cent lower than in the United States.
Regionally, it says one would need AED 19,029 in Dubai to maintain the same standard of life that you have with RO 1,100 in Muscat.

Vinod Nair