Omani Women’s Day: Women and social media

Social Media is a platform that is growing in prominence.  Along with the positive notes there are also disadvantages but here are two Omani social media personalities who do not just create a platform for themselves but collaborate, and support to help others grow.  They are Samah al Rawahi and Karima Farid.

Ask Samah al Rawahi, channels and Social media Adviser working at Petroleum development Oman, how is it to be a woman in 2019 and what does she think are the challenges for women if any, this is what she has to say – “We are the definition of what it means to push the boundaries of success and become forces of positive change. We need to continue to lift each other up and inspire one another to be better than we were yesterday. It’s important that we don’t let society, or the world define us, instead we should define it ourselves, set goals and work towards achieving them.

This is how she defines women and social media, “Women are driving the social media revolution by using these platforms to shed light on social issues and sharing their perspectives and stories to their audiences.”

With the popularity of social media has been tremendous but can it be a tool to empower women bearing in mind many women shy away from having an account even?  Samah replied, “Women can seize the opportunity to use social media as a means to challenge the status quo and assist in giving them a chance to shape society. Having equal representations of both genders in the digital space will drive discussions to include a wide diversity of perspectives.”

These are Samah’s guidelines to keep in mind while exploring the potential social media holds, “Be authentic and let your personality shine through your brand/business. Build a connection with your followers by putting a little bit of yourself out there. Your followers will appreciate the connection you’re trying to make.”

Meanwhile Karima Farid is at her seventh year with Petroleum Development Oman, appointed as their current Media Relations Advisor. Working in the field of Corporate Communications she also specializes in media, social media and marketing. She worked with the Omani media prior to PDO and she is an SME Sector Al Mara Awards winner on supporting SME’s and talent and started a project called @bykarimafarid on Instagram.

A columnist and a Road Safety Advocate Karima utilizes social media to promote talent and SME’s, and supports them to create collaborations between as a Business Consultant and a Talent Coach. She is a proud wife and mother of two adorable girls.

Ask her how is it to be a woman on the move and this is what she has to say, “To be a woman on the move means you have the advantage to spread awareness, inspire and empower other women too within your own circle or beyond. This means that you can share your experience and passion to every extent positively.

To the question whether she ever has conflicting thoughts on the traditional role of a woman and the woman of today Karima said, “Today we are mostly modern; modern employees and modern mums, so the way we live and adapt is very different from the traditional way. Each role has its challenges and being traditional or modern – the present day woman has all in it. She can be traditional in appearance and yet be modern by heart and mind.”

And when it comes to social media she explained, “Social media is an amazing platform to collaborate on and if you have a positive message to spread, then that’s the right space.”

And what about women who still would not think of having a social media account?  “It is a personal choice, but I personally feel that they miss out on so much. The world is at their fingers and Social Media is a platform to engage, share and collaborate. Again, it’s surely a personal choice and should be respected by others.

Her reflections on Omani Women’s Day are:  “Omani women’s day is special because it’s dedicated to the women of Oman. I believe that there is always a chance and opportunity whether your idea or project requires support; today it can surely and somehow be implemented. As an Omani woman, I would like to say this to my Omani ladies, please collaborate, because collaboration is key and do reach out if you are looking for ideas on how to do so.”

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