Omani students shine at Doha innovation meet

Doha: Nine students from Colleges of Applied Sciences and College of Education in Al Rustaq participated in Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) meet in Doha.
Over 200 students, 50 teachers, trainers and 20 organisers from 30 countries participated in this year’s edition.
The Academy aims to provide students and interested people with the skills of innovation, entrepreneurship and building technological innovations with a truly global impact.
The Ministry of Higher Education, represented by the Colleges of Applied Sciences and the College of Education in Al Rustaq, provides students with the opportunity to participate in such events in order to gain experience and knowledge in the fields of innovation and creation.
The participation in such events contributes to the development of students’ skills in communication, leadership and teamwork. Some of the projects from Oman were among the top 10 projects.
The project of Omaima bint Hilal al Kathairiyah from the College of Applied Sciences in Ibri was ranked the third best.
The Arab Innovation Academy is a joint venture between Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) and the European Innovation Academy.