Omani students make wave abroad


Omani students are making wave abroad in different fields showcasing what they are made of and how ready they are for an even bigger and better challenges. They are also doing their part to showcase the emerging talents of the Sultanate.
In a competition held in Kuwait, students Zayana al Rawahia, Maysa al Qartoobia, Wala al Muqbalia and Intisar Nasser won third place at the debate contest while Marwa al Marzooqia from Sohar Apllied Science College won the sixth place at Quran Contest.
The students were part of the 12-student delegation sent by the Ministry of Higher Education to the 2nd Scientific and Cultural Forum of the GCC comprised of Colleges of Applied Sciences and Rustaq College held from March 19 to 23, 2017.
The theme of the forum focused on “The Gulf women and the challenges of the 21st century,” and the activities also included cultural, scientific research, social and human research and innovations. The gathering aims to shed light on the achievements of the Gulf women and the obstacles they face in today’s fast changing world.
In London, the Omani Student Advisory Council in the United Kingdom organised the Omani Open Day 2017 in collaboration with the Omani Student Associations in Cardiff and London.
The event was presided by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Zaher Al Hinai, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, and was also attended by Musalam Bin Taman Al Amari, Omani Cultural Attaché in London.
The open day included an exhibition containing a section for student projects and another section for scientific and art publications. The exhibition also included the launch of the first edition of the art magazine named Qataf. Omani graduate students from various British universities, at various academic levels (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate) were also honoured at the closing ceremony of the event.
In Australia, The Omani Association in Victoria, Australia, recently organised a cultural event called “Ted Talks” which mimics the concept of global program “Ted Talks”, devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.
A number of lectures in different themes were presented by many Omani lecturers from different colleges. Dr Fatma al America gave a lecture on the importance of reading for children while Maryam al Balushia gave a lecture on leadership characteristics.
On the health side, Hussain Al Amri, a doctoral student in blood diseases at the University of Latrobe, gave a lecture on some types of hereditary blood diseases, such as sickle cell disease.
He presented a review of some statistics on blood diseases in the Sultanate.
Noof al Rawahia highlighted Body language such as hand gestures, facial expressions, sitting positions, voice tones and other expressions.