Omani students abroad heave a sigh of relief

MUSCAT: Several Omani students studying abroad have already returned home after the Supreme Committee in charge of dealing with Covid-19 decided to suspend all domestic and international flights to and from the Sultanate’s airports, starting at 12 pm
on March 29.

The committee directed the relevant authorities to arrange the return of the stranded citizens and students in particular, to the homeland from abroad.

Majid al Hadhrami, a student at the University of Sussex, Brighton, Britain, explained his return journey after he arrived in the Sultanate some days back. He is home quarantined now.

“I never thought I would return home this way. But after the outbreak of the virus in the UK, classes were suspended. The university informed us that online study would be available for those who wish to go back home.”

He said that on the flight they were requested to fill a form to provide information about the trip, country of origin and destination, and whether if they visited one of the affected countries over the last 14 days.

“We were a few. The aircraft was almost empty. It was really a strange situation”. At arrival, health workers checked the students’ health conditions, did some for further tests and sent the home after giving guidelines on home quarantine.”

“I have been in quarantine for three days now. Following the MoH instructions and keeping myself away from my family. Not feeling sick and no symptoms. I am waiting eagerly for the 14 days to pass and get back to my normal life.”

However, there are students who are still abroad and they will be back soon. Ahmed al Ruqaishi, who just started his foundation course in Australia, said that the Omani Consulate there is coordinating with the students to shortlist them in return flights, those who wish to return.  Life here in Southern Australia was normal until the government decided to close all commercial shops and keep only those related to daily necessities.”

He added, “With the online study now activated in most colleges and educational institutions in Australia, it is easy for us to attend classes and have tests on time regardless of the current situation”.