Omani student-led company introduces fire extinguisher that puts out fire from the source


The Omani youth have become more creative in the field of scientific innovations, and as of today, has greatly contributed to the creation of products that benefit human society.
In the same line, the Aman Student Company from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Suhar came up with the ambitious idea of enhancing fire extinguishing products and developing them into what the students would call the FBS or Fire Bomp Socket.
Talking about the inspiration for the said product, Faisal Al Bahri shared, “Electrical fires are a big problem all over the world. We realised that there are not a lot of products that address this problem. We also did not find products that fight the fire from its source. As a result, we embarked on a journey to create a product capable of combating fire problems with the least possible damage.”
“All fire extinguishers work to extinguish the fire after its outbreak and need human intervention later. From here, we sought to find a self-working and safe product that helps to extinguish the electrical fire from the place of the plug,” he added.
The vision of “Aman Student Company” is to be the first company locally and internationally in providing the best innovative and self-working products that fight electrical fires.
Wanting the product to be of high quality with the best effect and safety, Al Bahri said that they’ve set their eyes on more ambitious goals of making it globally competitive but at a friendlier price.
Aman Student Company is one of the modern companies in its field which started its work on research at the end of 2020. By the beginning of 2021, they released their products hoping to push them to the market this year.
About FBS, Khalsa Al-Toobi shared, “FBS is the first product of the company and the company seeks to manufacture it in commercial quantities and distribute it in the local market, as this product targets every institution, building and house to maintain its safety and the integrity of its properties and individuals.”
After confirming the effectiveness of the product, a limited number was manufactured as an experimental product and distributed to some establishments and specialists in the field of electrical fires.
FBS is almost the largest development of Aman after a long series of primary and secondary research and experiments, some of which failed and some were successful. the team members sought to make the product more effective, so it was re-manufactured with other equipment and other models until we reached the final form of the product, which we almost believe is the best for fighting electrical fires with minimal damage and without any human intervention.
She indicated that “the company’s utmost ambition is to transform from a student company to a small or medium company. Like any company, we have plans for the short and long terms, where the near-term plan is to issue the product in the local market. As for the long-term plan, we are thinking of forming our own company and manufacturing fire-fighting products that were not previously found in the global market, with new ideas and high-quality standards. “
The current product is a frame that can be easily installed on the electrical socket and when any electrical fire occurs, as soon as it catches the spark of fire in the fuse connected to the plug, the powder material that extinguishes the fire is released before it extends to the outside of the plug. This kind of fires happens in high-voltage appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters and other electrical appliances.