Omani scholars’ forum activities conclude

By Badriya Al Balushi — MUSCAT: Feb 15 – The closing ceremony of the fourth annual forum of Omani Societies in Australia and New Zealand was held on Sunday in Al Mawalih. The event was presided over by Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Sarmi, Undersecretary, Ministry of Higher Education.
Omani Societies of Australia and New Zealand, under the supervision of the General Council of Oman in Melbourne and under the auspices of three Australia universities — Curtin Technology University, Adelaide University and University of Swinburne — organised the closing ceremony.
It was attended by Mustafa Ahmed Salman, the honorary council of Australia in Oman, and those from the Ministry of Higher Education besides graduates and students of Australian and New Zealand universities.
The ceremony began with the screening of a video highlighting the interactive activities conducted by Omani graduates and students of Australian and New Zealand universities.
Another video titled, ‘None trivialise it except Omanis’, dwelt on issues encountered abroad by Omani students and how to overcome them.
Three initiatives to be adopted by Omani Societies of Australia and New Zealand were launched on the occasion.
Hilal bin Mudhaffar al Riyami, Head of the Committees organising the annual forum activities, talked about the first initiative titled ‘My experience in scholarship’, which aims at educating students pursuing studies overseas about scholarship.
The initiative is divided into three stages. The first stage approaches the career guidance teachers and students graduating from the general diploma courses.
There are orientation lectures that cover difficulties and opportunities overseas. Students can ask questions over social media platforms on the accounts of Omani societies abroad.
In the second stage, workshops on social media will be implemented from July to August in which Omani graduates and those studying abroad can discuss their unique experiences.
In the third stage, which starts in August and goes on until students are back to their study destinations, the initiative will ease the process of students communicating with universities and Omani societies overseas.
They will feel less stressed because of the guidelines and help offered by Omani societies and Ministry of Higher Education of Oman. Social networking platforms will be of great help to students.
Mariyam al Balushi, graduate in event management from University of Queensland, discussed the initiative of enhancing working structure and effectiveness of Omani Societies of Australia and New Zealand.
Additionally, the Research Council took part in a gathering.
Ali bin Aamer al Shaidhani, Director of Department of Research Centers and Communications Research and Information Systems from the research council, talked about the programme “upgrade”.
It is implemented by the council in cooperation with the Oman Telecommunication Company (Omantel) and SAS Centre for entrepreneurship affiliated to Information Technology Authority and General Authority, for the development of small and medium enterprises’ “leadership” and Omani Company for Innovation Development.
The programme aims at answering queries regarding graduation research projects.
He said good research projects can help establish promising companies. Registration details for the programme and prizes allocated for successful projects were mentioned.