Omani industry has carved a name in the world

We celebrated Omani Industry Day on February 9. We do so every year. It is in commemoration of the visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to Rusayil Industrial Zone in 1991. This visit is a landmark in the history of the Omani industries.
This is the moment to recall the memories of one of the Omani companies winning the competition for exporting Omani marble to South Korea, which is considered the largest landmark in Korea. For this contract, there was a huge competition from biggest exporters from China, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India and many other countries around the world. This was one of major successes of the high quality Omani industries which comply all international standards. This is because they knew the accuracy and precision of Oman in these industries and their compliance with all standards. This is what makes it popular and welcomed in the world. This would remain a pride for the Omani industry. It has helped many from among the industrial
nations of the world to turn their interest towards Oman.
What is heartening for all of us is that we hear good news about Omani industries around the world. These industries are among top 10 importers among the 20 industrial countries known in the world, including South Korea, as one of the fastest growing, most developed and exporting economies.
When an Omani company wins such a global bid, and its products are welcomed to build the landmark gates of the Korean Federal Cathedral to be decorated by the Omani marble, this means that our national industry is on the right track. It shows that it is on its way to the top of the global marble industries.
The Omani company exports its products to 57 countries around the world. It shows that its products are very important and that the Omani industries have quality and have one of the strongest production lines in the world. It uses most modern and latest machinery and equipment to produce marble. This is also one of the oldest Omani industrial companies. It has worked hard to develop and improve Omani marble industry to reach this level. Its winning of the international tenders is a clear indication that the quality is the hallmark in all phases of production and export.
The successes achieved by Omani industries abroad are only lacking in promotions. They need presence in various media outlets and in all languages to highlight their achievements. It was required so that they can explore world markets and register their presence strongly as the best industries with finest products. If we laud these industries and their products, we do not exaggerate. We actually talk about their quality and splendour appreciated by those who have used these products.
This success strengthens the presence of the Omani industry in the countries of the world. It also helps in its promotion, marketing and winning of more confidence and trust. Locally also they have proved to be the best in the face of other importers who indulge in activities like dumping and unfair and unequal competition in quality and specifications.
These accomplishments are the result of the huge efforts made to develop the Omani industries. These efforts are continuing to reach to its ultimate goal. It has started its march from best quality stage to reach the top of the most popular industries in the world. It has set its objective to utilise natural resources, manufacture within the country and add value to it.
Efforts are the only key to reach to the cliff in the industrial sector. The hard work will take Omani industries from one success to another.