Omani honey market opens up new avenues for producers

MUSCAT: The 10th Omani Honey Market was inaugurated on Wednesday under the auspices of Dr Ahmed bin Nasser al Bakri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, for Agriculture at Grand Mall Muscat.
The Omani Honey Market is an important event organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to introduce Omani honey.
To ensure the quality of honey in the market, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries earlier coordinated with a specialised laboratory in the Sultanate to take random samples from beekeepers wishing to participate in the 10th Omani Honey Market and to analyse them in a laboratory and ensure that the product meets the Omani honey specifications.

All participants also committed to supply quantities of honey required to be sold in the market to special warehouses belonging to the ministry in order to numbering the containers and storing them and then transporting them in the presence of the participant to the market site.
The market displays many varieties of honey, ranging from honey produced in mountain areas, plains, desert grazing areas and coastal areas.
These varieties include Vachellia tortilis honey, Ziziphus spina-christi honey, Al Batinah Flowers honey and Wild honey (Abu Tuwaiq).
It opens new markets for honey producers and gives opportunities for future deals, in addition to inform new Omani generations about honey breeding, sorting of honey and other procedures, as well as exchanging ideas and technical expertise between the producers themselves through their gathering in one place.
The plastic bee cell is displayed in the corner of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in the market, in order to introduce participants and visitors to one of the modern means to breed honey bees.