Omani entrepreneurs stand out in fight against Covid-19

Muscat: The Omani entrepreneurs are coming out with new and innovative ideas, while the authorities here have taken unprecedented measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the Country.

Giving a boost to the healthcare system some youngsters have come out with new ideas whereas there are others who are taking advantage of the lockdown situation and offering online products and services.

A group of Omani innovators has been making good use of their untapped potential to produce and supply protection equipment used by frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.

An Omani-owned private firm has manufactured 3D-printing face shields to protect healthcare workers who are busy fighting the virus. These shields are designed to protect the frontline workers from droplets generated by patient and non-patients.

It offers a shield to the facial area against transmitted droplets, especially for a dentist who is directly exposed to contaminated tools if he deals with a Covid-19 patient.

While some of these products are not the core areas of this company, it has been making efforts to rise to the occasion. The company says it can produce 1,000 face shields, and work is underway to double the production capacity.

The government has been encouraging innovators and researchers to present their innovations related to Covid-19, which can include a treatment method or an early detection method for disease, by creating a device or product related to this matter.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has welcomed all initiatives that serve the health sector or any other sector under the current circumstances.

The Muscat Municipality has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Oman Technology Fund to launch a platform for online trading of fruits and vegetables from Mawelah Vegetable Market.

Oman Technology Fund has said that it is ready to help with investments in projects such as drones with portable thermography that can distinguish people and measure temperatures remotely. Some drones can also monitor the movement of people from restricted places under current conditions day and night.