Omani eco-friendly house at SQU

MUSCAT: The Omani Eco-Friendly House with high efficiency in power consumption will be opened at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) on Monday under the auspices of Najeeb bin Ali al Rowas, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.
The house consisting 20 kilowatt photovoltaic solar-powered cells has 80 solar tablets on the rooftop. Each solar tablet produces 250 watts that are assembled respectively to an AC converter compatible with local network and matching the domestic and international requirements for connecting with the network. It uses the power produced at home and exports the excess to the local network in the daytime and imports power from the network in the evening.
This step aims at introducing future innovations for green buildings and sustainable development that rationalises the consumed power in the operation of air mechanical conditioning units, artificial lighting, home appliances and use of renewable energy sources from solar energy.
There are options also for rationalisation of water supply, water treatment and its reuse in watering the house plants. The Eco-Friendly House also promotes sustainable natural vegetation to improve the climate, environmental performance of the house, maximising the use of natural ventilation for cooling and use of appropriate materials to meet sustainability requirements.