Omani-Dutch plan to manage water sources

MUSCAT, Nov 11 – Oman and the Netherlands will work closely towards achieving self-reliance in potable water preservation and distribution, besides sharing knowledge in protecting traditional water sources such as aflaj, it is learnt.
A Dutch technical team, hosted by Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, visited various water production, desalination and distribution channels in Birkat Al Mouz and Falaj Al Qatwain, in Nizwa, Ain Al Kasfa in Rustaq and Ain Al Thawara in Nakhal last week.
The visit was part of a programme entitled ‘Oman-Dutch Water Authorities Meet’. Its delegation was headed by Joke Goedhart, Executive Director, Dutch Water Authority HDSR.
The team also visited Haya Water, Quryat Dam and Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) and submitted a set of recommendations to the authority.
“Due to the location of the country, the rapid population growth and developments in
all sectors, climate change, and the already existing water
deficit, Oman should make water a top priority,” Goedhart told the media.
The recommendations touched upon all water sources, desalination projects, recycled water and aflaj. “Overuse of water, for instance, in agricultural sector, should be discouraged and innovations should be rewarded. The use of financial incentives can be considered.”
“The supply and demand of water is not matching. Hence, considerable attention should be paid to making supply and demand reach the equilibrium point,” he said.
In its three-layer recommendations, the Dutch delegation requested the Sultanate to involve more stakeholders.