Omani cycles through Europe, eyes world tour

NIZWA, Sept 3 – Suleiman bin Saleh al Mawali, 47, an adventure cyclist from Izki, is on the last leg of his tour of more than 20 European Union and Scandinavian countries. Having completed 77 days so far, he is expected to end his bicycle journey by the middle of this month. Suleiman wants to “prove that young Omani and Arabs can take on challenges in any field”. He has completed 6,185 km, with an average of 82 km covered each day. “This is a continuation of my previous journeys through different countries of the world.”
He, however, said there was no difficulty in moving between European countries, thanks to the Schengen visa. There is no border crossing between countries. “The only time I had to sign was when I entered and exited Croatia.”
Suleiman’s cycle expedition will conclude in Madrid, the capital of Spain. After that, “I will return to the homeland.”
“During the tour, the main problem was the cost because Europe is expensive,” he said.
Suleiman would pitch a tent and prepare his own meals. He rarely ate in restaurants.
The rugged terrain and the highlands, especially in countries located in the Alpine region, make it difficult to walk or pitch a tent, he said.
Suleiman needed a four-month-long preparation for the tough expedition. He was aware of the cultures of each of these countries, including dangerous/safe areas, and the knowledge of roads and areas suitable for crossing.
While he has been backed by his family, friends and followers, Suleiman says there has been no financial support from anybody. All expenses have been borne only by him.
His dream: “I want to continue my tour of the world and reach the rest of the continents.”