Omani children to taste one-day fusion music

Children in the Sultanate will have a one-of-a-kind, fun-packed music training day on Saturday, July 29 when the acclaimed Swiss music duo, vocalist Saskia Stauble and pianist Michael Odermatt aka Mikey, is to offer musical sessions at the City Seasons Hotel.
The day, conducted in partnership with their Omani counterparts and the hotel, will have four elaborate sessions starting at 10am, according to the music duo.
“The day will start with kids’ talent show till forenoon followed by Disney kids workshop,” the vocalist who is also known as ‘Dusty’ said.
Thereafter, children will be taken through a musical journey with the amazing renditions of Mikey who has already carved a niche for himself for his immaculate skills on piano accompanied by Saskia’s songs on Oman.
The event, presented by Fly Events will also feature a live orchestra by the duo to enthrall both the kids and their parents.
“This is first of its kind gift for the children in Oman and to recognise and nurture their skills in singing and music,” Mikey said.
Saskia and Mikey have already done an album titled ‘The Colour of Oman is Love’ after the first time they come to Oman and had a ‘love at first sight’ experience with the Sultanate last year. They also shared that talks were made regarding collaboration with Oman’s celebrity singer Haitham Mohammed Rafi for a National Day composition which will be recorded and filmed soon, according to the music duo.
The song, which was written in Oman and composed in Switzerland was first performed at the famous Chateau Gutsch in Luzern, a beautiful boutique hotel built along the green mountains and overlooking the city and Lake Lucerne to an elite European crowd. Before the duo ended their last note, a standing ovation and hugs followed. She felt all the more energised and decided to go ahead with a musical album on Oman.
“We have plans to dedicate the album to the Ministry of Tourism as a tool to convince the visitors what they can look forward to when they visit the country.”