Omani cardiologist presents research paper on MRI at US conference

936133NIZWA, Feb. 22 – From over 700 research papers submitted by researchers from all over the world in the field of cardiovascular magnetic resonance, the scientific board in the society of cardiovascular magnetic resonance has chosen Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Balushi, senior specialist paediatric cardiology in the National Heart Centre in Royal Hospital, to be one of the main speakers in its annual meeting in Washington, this month.
Dr Abdullah participated with a research paper characterised by using the 4 Dimensional Flow (4D Flow) cardiac MRI technique to calculate the aortopulmonary collateral flow in single ventricle patients. It was one of the most important presented papers in this filed in this conference as it described one of the most advance techniques in the field of cardiovascular MRI and it is only available in limited centres in the world.
The most advanced research papers by researchers and doctors from all around the world were presented in this conference.
By using this techniques, 3 dimensional (3D) image of the heart can be obtained by which difficult defects will be seen and recognised clearly and decision for intervention will be taken more confidentially. Additionally, the analysis of heart chambers by more sophisticated methods which help in determining the size of heart chambers whether it is enlarged or not and related causes if congenital or any other acquires causes like heart valves or muscles. Defining the volume of heart and other features obtained by this technique will help the cardiologist as well as the cardiac surgeons to decide about the exact timing for intervention so no complication could result due to delay in intervention.
Furthermore, this technique is completely of radiation which can harm the patients and it is completely safe to be used for all ages.
Dr Abdullah is a board certified paediatric cardiologist and he has an advanced fellowship training in cardiovascular MRI as well as cardiovascular computed tomography(CT) from Germany.