Omani Association for Health visits State Council

MUSCAT: Members of the Omani Association for Health visited the State Council on Thursday to study about the Council’s role and powers and the nature of work performed and responsibilities of the Council.
The visitors were briefed about the tasks and responsibilities of the State Council by Hamad bin Ahmed al Saadi, Director of Department of the Secretariat of Assistance for Sessions and Committees. Saadi highlighted the three powers of the State, its role and its importance.
In addition, he spoke about the provisions of the State Council, according to the Basic Statute of the State, which mentions the number of members of the Council, the appointment mechanism, the qualifying conditions for membership.
The presentation also dealt with the differences between the State Council and the Shura Council in respect of the terms of reference and membership of the Members, the extent of powers, and in addition, the process and stages a draft law passes before being approved.
The visitors also learned about the organisational structure of the Council and its activities and achievements, and its main organs.
Saadi answered the queries raised by the visiting delegation, and the visit concluded after the delegation toured the various facilities of the Council and its organs.