Omani Association for Elderly Friends hosts meet

NIZWA, Sept 26 – A workshop on the ‘Working Methods of Elderly Affairs Committee’ was held recently at the Omani Women’s Association in Nizwa. It was organised by the Al Dakhiliyah branch of Omani Association for Elderly Friends represented by the Elderly Affairs Committee. Ahmed bin Masoud al Rashdi, Vice-President of Omani Association for Elderly Friends, presented the workshop. He spoke about a number of themes related to the working methods in the committee. He explained the planning of a voluntary project, including selection of the event’s name, its objectives, period of implementation, important needs, financial cost and supporting bodies for its implementation.

A number of issues the commission may face were presented along with appropriate solutions for resolving them. Participants were made to carry out exercises that helped learn about the importance of planning, the key to the success of any project. Samia bint Khamis al Yarubi, one of the participants, said she benefited greatly from her participation in the workshop, which has “enriched my knowledge”. “I was waiting for such a workshop because it focused on most points that people need to know about organising the work process.”