‘Oman, we innovate for you’

969284By Amal Al Riyami — NIZWA: MARCH 29 – ‘Oman, we innovate for you’ festival organised by Nizwa Club began in Nizwa on Wednesday. The three-day festival was inaugurated by Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al Rowas, Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan for Cultural Affairs. The aim of the festival is to mark the end of the administrative council activities in Nizwa Club. It includes many cultural events and infotainment activities with the participation of various governmental and community institutions. Upon the arrival of Abdulaziz al Rowas and the invited guests, they were greeted with music by Royal Air Force of Oman Band, a number of cavalry from the riding school in the club, members of Nizwa rover scouts and Nizwa Bikers team lined up on either side of the route.
The folk arts teams presented various songs, Al Razha and Al Azi traditional Omani arts.
The chief guest then was shown handicraft exhibits made of palm, clay and silver and making of Omani Halwa. Al Rowas praised the artisans from the Omani Women’s Association  for the preservation of these traditional crafts.
Ahmed bin Abdullah al Kindi, secretary of the club, in a speech, explained that the festival comes to achieve several objectives sought by the administrative council of the club because the club is a social and cultural institution and not limited on sports side.
969283“The festival is a gratitude to those who contributed to the history of the club over the four years. The choice of the slogan “Oman, we innovate for you” was to highlight the achievements of various sports teams at the club. The club has not forgotten the cultural aspect. This bright period witnessed the celebration of Nizwa, the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2015, so the club was implemented many activities that found support from senior officials in the Sultanate. The most prominent activities was a Reading for All project, which was held at a high level for the first time in the Sultanate,” al Kindi said.
A documentary film on the activities of the club was also shown during the event.
The festival will include a variety of events for adults and children including live performances by the club’s karate team, exciting performances by Red Helmets of the Royal Air Force of Oman and Nizwa Bikers team.