Oman, US holding maritime security exercise in Duqm

DUQM: The Maritime Security Centre is holding “Maritime Security 2018” exercise in Duqm in the Omani territorial water (the Arabian Sea). Corps of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and other security units, as well as troops from the United States of America are taking part in the drill from April 22 to 26. Participating aircraft took off from Al Musannah Airbase on Monday. A group of participating vessels also set off from Said Bin Sultan Naval Base heading for the exercise area.
The exercise aims to coordinate and unify the efforts and complementary work of all concerned parties in combating maritime security threats, as well as ensuring the safety of maritime shipping lines. The course of the exercise’s events and plans of implementation has been set to achieve the envisaged national objectives and in accordance with the duties assigned to the military and security units. The Maritime Security Centre is concerned with developing mechanisms to secure ports, installations and coasts against existing maritime security threats, with the participation of maritime security departments in the country. — ONA