Oman to celebrate industry day on Feb 9

Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) will celebrate the industry Day on February 9 to commemorate the visit of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to Al Rusayl Industrial Estate on February 9 in 1991.
Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry will meet industrialists and experts at the Sheraton Hotel on February 10.
Sami bin Salim al Saheb, Director-General of Industry at MoCI, said that the meeting will discuss the challenges facing the industrial sector and the requirements to increase the contribution of industrial sector to the GDP and enhance economic development. He pointed out that the ministry is going ahead with its plans to update the industrial development strategy and enhance the industrial sector governance. It also seeks to enhance the value added for some local industries to enhance the status of the local industry on the local, regional and global levels.
He added that MoCI is planning to extend the application for the In-Country-Value (ICV) programme in the Sultanate in coordination with the relevant authorities benefiting from the success of PDO in implementing the ICV Programme with all the company contractors.
The Director-General of Industry said that the industrial sector, like many other sectors, was facing some difficulties and challenges. However, by combining all public and private sectors efforts, these challenges can be solved. The ministry is working to get rid of these obstacles which stand in the way of development.
Said bin Nasser al Rashdi, CEO of the Omani Industrialists Association said that the meeting with the Minister of Commerce and Industry provides an ideal platform for sharing ideas about the best solutions for the challenges facing industrialists. It is also an opportunity to express thanks for the services and facilities provided by MoCI last year.
He added that the challenges require stakeholders to sit together to look for effective solutions to address and eliminate such challenges. He noted that the collaboration of all stakeholders will lead to achieving the prospective outcomes and ensure better future for industry and industrialists.
Hamdan bin Hamoud al Qassabi, Regional Manager of Al Hilal Industrial Group, said that the meeting provides the opportunity to review the achievements made by the industry and its contribution to the GDP. It is also an opportunity to review the government future trends with relation to industry, as well as the current and future challenges facing the Omani industry and the proposed solutions for them.
Hamad bin Nasser al Farsi, Director-General of Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel, said that the meeting with industrialists provides an opportunity to share views and ideas on how to face challenges facing the sector and promote the best practices that develop the sector. Al Farsi urged small and medium enterprises to find opportunities to replace what is imported from abroad. This is because the Sultanate has become a fertile environment to attract investors, where they start their activities with much more ease and better way than ever before. For this, they have to have advanced industrial practices and modern technologies to make them compete in the market.
This will not be possible without better capability of production, providing of high quality goods and products which can help in their survival in the local and international markets. — ONA