Oman Ship Management hosts two days conference for senior officers

Oman Ship Management Company (OSMC), a subsidiary of Oman Shipping Company (OSC), hosted a high-level conference in Goa, India for senior officers. The conference is an annual platform for OSMC to share the best safety practices and latest trends in the maritime industry.
During the two-day conference key areas covered in-depth, ranging from the current regulatory updates in the industry to safety and security onboard vessels. Other non-technical topics such as multi-cultural crew management, on-board procurement, crises management, IT infrastructure and using of social networks were also addressed. Other key note speakers were invited to present their insights in different topics such as vessels inspections, maritime security intelligence, and crises communication.
Captain David Stockley, COO of Oman Ship Management Company said: “The conference was attended by more than 100 members of offshore staff and business partners. The event is our major knowledge sharing platform where we highlight the latest updates in the company and the industry.
“In this edition, the primary message to all our seafarers was “Go 7 Zeros” to enhance safety culture in the company by adopting zero accidents, health-related incidents, oil spills, loss of process capabilities, lapses in security, cargo damage and marine and atmospheric pollutions. When it comes to safety all of us has a role to play and make all our operations onboard vessels safe for the seafarers, environment and carried cargo”.
OSMC remains absolutely committed to, and is passionate about, maintaining the highest international standards of safety and environmental responsibility. This has led the company to be awarded The Maritime Stranded Award for Safety and Security 2018 during an event earlier this month in Dubai.
“Events like this Officers’ Safety Conference enables us to continue to achieve those high standards and to drive home our safety messages, whilst also sharing the latest industry best practices. Conferences like this play an important role in the continual development of our highly professional sea staff.”
OSC is also keen on developing its seafarers through the Scholarship Program for securing management level certificates, under which fully paid scholarships are made available to the local seafarers enrolled with the company.