Oman ranked No 2 in improving academic performance

MUSCAT: The Sultanate has achieved the second place internationally in improving academic performance securing 418 points in reading achievement at the fourth grade according to results released on Tuesday from PIRLS.
The Sultanate’s score improved from 391 points in 2011 and has been ranked among 18 countries whose average achievement advanced compared with the 2011 report. Other high performers included Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chinese Taipei, England, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Morocco, Norway, Qatar, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Arab Emirates.
The ministry of education said the Sultanate has increased 27 points second only to Morocco which added 47 points. The Sultanate’s academic achievement of female students rose by 31 points and that of male students rose by 24 points compared with 2011 report with the deference in achievement average between male and female students rose 47 point in the 2016 report.
According to the ministry of education, 255 government schools have participated in 2016 in PIRLS with a total number of 7,495 of fourth grade students. Besides, 26 international schools and 25 private schools with a total number of 2.117 students have participated in the study.
More than 319 ,000 students worldwide participated in 2016 in PIRLS, the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study.
PIRLS has been administered every five years since its 2001 inception, and is sponsored by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements (IEA) in Amsterdam. — ONA