Oman Post to launch new hub in Muscat next year

Oman Post — the operator of the national postal system — envisions a major ramp-up of its capabilities in 2020 when a new hub is slated to be operational in Muscat Governorate supported by a countrywide distribution network.
According to Oman Post CEO Abdulmalik al Balushi (pictured), the hub-and-spoke system will support the launch of a new array of services, including door-to-door delivery, cash-on-delivery, drop and pick services, and so on.
“By next year, you will see a comprehensive network in Oman that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses,” said Al Balushi. “A major hub is coming up in Muscat linked with a number of distribution centres across Oman, linked to last-mile capabilities that provide services door-to-door to customers across the country.”
The official made the announcement during a presentation at the Oman E-commerce Conference 2019, which opened at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday.
In tandem with the government’s push to stimulate the growth of an flourishing e-commerce sector in the country, Oman Post — part of the country’s end-to-end integrated solutions provider Asyad Group — has been looking to up its game in supporting the delivery of this strategy, said the CEO.
“We have had to improve the reliability of the postal network and also develop last mile capabilities in the country. To this end, we have been on a transformation journey that is focused on fixing the basics of the company. We have been working very hard to bring the standards of this company to a level where it acceptable to our customers and attractive to business. We have analysed the whole supply chain and operations of Oman Post and improved it.”
Those efforts have contributed to significant improvements in KPIs, he explained. Sorting of postal articles in the main hub have improved by 125 per cent, while the company’s ability to deliver across Oman within 24 hours has been enhanced. Further, with regard to the delivery of express products, on-time delivery has improved from an average of 53 per cent last year to 87 per cent this year, and just hit an all-time high of 97.4 per cent this September. “That puts us among the best operators in the region when it comes to EMS,” said Al Balushi.
Besides, Oman Post has been working with ROP Customs to improve the clearance of items within 24 hours. This KPI has improved from around 50 per cent last year to 95 per cent this year.