Oman Post to launch futuristic concept stores to boost revenues

Muscat, Oct 9 – Oman Post is embarking on an ambitious plan which will include the launch of futuristic concept stores.
Abdulmalik bin Abdul Karim al Balushi, CEO of Oman Post, on Tuesday told the Observer that the company was interested in taking a large share of the e-commerce shipment market by having exclusive rights with companies such as Amazon or Souk in Dubai.
“There are some issues we need to look at, including the price, but certainly we are considering it beyond the GCC.”
The company hinted its concept stores will be unveiled in December.

“This exciting new business model will help us evolve our processes as we work to drive business excellence in our operations across our supply chain, making them more agile, flexible, competitive and, most importantly, more customer-centric,” said the CEO.
Oman Post, which has 600 employees spread across 83 branches that handle nearly 70,000 customers, hopes to achieve break-even in the next three years.
He said by the end of 2017, the company achieved 40 per cent growth in revenues and reduced its costs by four per cent. It saw an increase in external parcels by 35 per cent this year.
It aims to set a target of delivering all domestic mails across 15 cities of Oman with 24 hours in the coming period.
Oman ePost services combine e-mail systems with traditional mail, allowing subscribers to receive printed mail and parcels without the need to subscribe to a conventional mailbox. A particularly popular element of this is Matjar, which allows customers to establish virtual mailboxes at competitive prices. Oman Post is holding the Oman Post Forum in December this year.

The forum will feature a three-day exhibition at the Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Centre, where the company will showcase its transformation journey and a prototype of the future post offices. It will also include workshops on e-commerce and future of postal services.
The CEO added that the company will announce a series of projects in December, including ‘National Good e-market’ and provide some services and partnerships with various companies working in e-commerce to provide these services through Oman Post, adding that Oman Post, which has 38 branches, receives equivalent of 10,000 external ‘parcels’ per day via e-commerce, expressing the company’s ambition to reach a higher figure in the future.

Vinod Nair