Oman Post strives to provide high quality service to customers

MUSCAT: Oman Post is divided up into a number of sections, each performing its own task and role, so to help achieving the company’s mission of providing quality services to its customers. One such section is the Operations Department.
“The operations department has a very straightforward task, which is to collect and classify mail before handing it over safely and efficiently. It is important that the mail is delivered on time so that the company can keep its promise to customers,” said Ken O’Rahilly, Operations Manager.
He explained that the Department of Operations depends heavily on teamwork, adding that is well equipped to serve customers through its 83 different offices scattered across the Sultanate.
O’Rahilly pointed out that the department has been working on a number of projects since the beginning of the current year, the most notable of which are the testing of an electronic system to confirm the receipt of mail, a system to track and trace postal items internally and an electronic filing system, which is used as an alternative delivery method to customers. In addition, the Department of Operations recently issued a tender for the classification of new equipment for the Central Post Office.
O’Rahilly went on to say “The key to the success of operations is data and information technology. We are starting to look at selling points across all of our branches, which will significantly change the way we do business. We are also examining ways to engage top retailers all over the world in the development of e-commerce in the Sultanate. We are building a plan to meet the growing needs of e-commerce throughout the region and perhaps even open a representative office in China for example”.
Furthermore, Yasser al Tamtami, Director of the Department of Express Mail and Parcel Services, said that the department is at the forefront when it comes to providing services to both companies and the general public.
It is linked to a global postal system under the umbrella of the United Nations Universal Postal Union, which connects all countries of the world for the purpose of express mail transfer.
He added that the department provides establishments and individuals with the service of transferring domestic express mail door to door, connecting individuals and institutions within the Sultanate.
The department works on the transfer of mail, which helps developing the flow of purchasing. This in turn helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in transporting goods.
The Department of Express Mail and Parcel Services also carries out the transfer of mail between the various government entities, with the service working on the basis of specific contracts being signed with the entities for the transfer and distribution of their mail. Al Tamtami explained that the department is divided into a group of sub-sections, namely urgent mail, parcels, additional services, and government services.
According to Director of the Distribution Department, Salim bin Saleh al Ghazali, the department is responsible for organising the distribution and the exchange of incoming and outgoing mail, thus ensuring a speedy, and efficient service. This is achieved via the various distribution centres located across the country.
Al Ghazali explained that the Distribution Department has many functions and responsibilities that include supervising the distribution of incoming mail from the central post office and the express mail department to the distribution centre and post offices.
It also follows-up on mail distribution across the country via the Postal Transport Department.
He added that the department communicates with companies to define the terms of service for the delivery of mail to their headquarters, as well as for the deposit of large quantities of mail. The latter is a service exclusive to companies.
The Director of the Distribution Department stated that the purpose of the distribution centre was to help developing distribution services. Its functions include the collection of correspondence from post offices and companies and their distribution to the Central Post Office.
Al Ghazali explained that the distribution centre has a number of functions, such as overseeing the distribution of incoming mail from the Central Post Office and the Department of Express Mail, sending the mail on to post offices. Furthermore, it monitors mail distribution to all governorates via the Department of Postal Transport.
The distribution centre also supervises the processing and sorting of mail delivery receipts, oversees Oman Post’s service contracts with establishments to ensure that payment is made, manages the postal bag service offered to companies and follows up to ensure the input of data for incoming and outgoing mail via the IPS system.
Additionally, it executes planning, in coordination with the Central Post Office and Department of Express Mail to ensure the smooth completion of operations.— ONA