Oman Post seeks consultant to advise on transformation

Muscat, Dec 30 – Oman Post — part of ASYAD Group, Oman’s logistics flagship – plans to commission a consultancy firm to advise the company on a strategy to transform itself into the ‘postal logistics services provider’ of choice in the Sultanate.
Interested consultants — local and international – have until the end of this week to collect bid documents necessary to participate in a competitive tender for the consultancy services contract. The transformation strategy envisions a comprehensive blueprint for revamping Oman Post’s business portfolio and streamlining all processes with the aim of driving greater operational effectiveness and efficiency.
Elements of this transformation were unveiled at the launch of the Oman Post Forum 2028 at Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Centre earlier this month. As part of a major makeover, Oman Post aims to enhance its logistics network in order to offer other products and services outside the traditional postal model. It also seeks to grow its international reach and diversify operations.
The transformation is also key to achieving Oman Post’s ambition to become financially autonomous by 2021, ending years of funding support from the government. State subsidy accounted for around 64 per cent of the entity’s annual operating costs annually for a 10 year period until 2017. In 2018, following the repositioning of the company as a commercial entity and its integration with the Asyad Group, revenue has been boosted to around 50 per cent of total costs, with the government picking up the rest of the tab.
The deadline for the submission of bids for the advisory services contract is January 8, 2019.