Sultanate plays crucial role in regional peace

The Sultanate has been playing a crucial role in maintaining regional peace and stability and it can play even better role in the coming days, thanks to the visionary leader, Gavin Williamson, Britain’s Secretary of Defence, said in a press conference on Thursday.
“To drive a nation successfully forward, it needs a leader who is a visionary and farsighted and the Sultanate is blessed to have such a leader.”
Speaking to the Observer on the margins of the Joint Defence Agreement, Williamson said: “Our relations have been based on history and in the current times, with the joint initiatives that both countries take forward. “In 1800 a similar agreement was signed which says at the end, that ‘our relations will continue stronger till the end of time and until the sun and moon have finished their revolving career’. And it’s very much my hope that the sense of partnership and the sense of working together is something epitomised with the agreement”, Williamson said.
“Gulf security is our security and it’s crucial that we expand our horizons and become a truly global Britain after we leave the European Union”.
He further said that signing the agreement holds high importance in the present times and it’s all about working closely, and working together. The bilateral relations will be enhanced by this agreement and that the UK sees greater success in future by working in partnership with each other.
“We have been investing in the Gulf and we will be investing £3 billion in the region over the next few years because we understand that these friendships are important to continue”, Gavin Williamson, UK’s Secretary of State for Defence, added.